Epic Adventure Photo Shoot

Your vacation photos never looked so good!  Splash, Tread, Climb, Paddle & Soak in Seriously Epic Terrain


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Just 0.75 miles from the Hoover Dam Lodge front door we’ll descend Goldstrike Canyons(2.25 miles) deep walls, ropes, & hot springs.  We reach the Colorado River just below Hoover Dam and deploy lightweight paddle-craft to slip away down the river amid towering canyon walls & mind blowing scenery.  We exit the magic of Black Canyon hiking out through Arizona hot springs where bighorn sheep are often sighted.  Coordinate with and meet your guide/photographer in a pre-shoot meeting to dream up the adventure and images you would like to have and own. (pre-production meeting can be done online or at the Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel & Casino)

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Post Adventure: Select your included 20×30 fine art canvas or metal piece in a “viewing appointment” with your photographer at the lodge, in our mobile studio or online to make other photo selections as desired.

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Epic Hike & Kayak Adventure Photo Shoot Package for 2:    $1,500.00


Accommodations at Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel & Casino, National park certified guided tour, pre-adventure consultation, all equipment (pack & paddle craft), adventure & portrait photography, lunch, custom large(20×30) wall art in canvas or metal (print value $750)

Full day adventure requiring adequate physical health for vigorous activity.  Additional adventurers and photo prints are easily added.

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Once booked a team member will get in touch with you to schedule your pre-adventure consultation and plan your trip.

For questions regarding booking or your adventure package please email us at: inquiries@hooverdamlodge.com